Established in 1961, the mission of the Schützenverein St. Louis (St. Louis Shooting Club) is to enhance German and American relationships by providing fellowship and education through mutual social interest in German Schützenverein traditions and competitions.  The organization has regular business meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month and air rifle/pistol practice on the 4th Thursday of every month.  The Club also competes with other regional Schützen Clubs like those from Chicago, Peoria, Cincinnati, etc.


From Historian John Sarkis

Shooting Clubs became popular after the Civil War, and although they represented a cross-section of America, they were especially popular in areas with a large German population.

The St Louis Scharfschuetzen Verein (St Louis Sharpshooters Society) was incorporated in 1869, with Casper Stolle serving as it’s first President. Their Shooting Park was located at 5868 Easton Avenue until 1873, when homes began to be built in the area. Purchased by a member of the club, the building became Ofenstein’s Grove, as shown in the photo. They then moved to a more rural area near Creve Coeur Lake.

Regular meets were held among area teams, & being popular events, results were published in local papers.

St Louis hosted the National Tournament several times, with each drawing more than 2000 shooters from more than 100 clubs around the country. They also drew more than 20,000 spectators from out of state.

Interest began to dwindle as the original sharpshooters died, & the meets ended in 1931. Still operating as a social club, the Sharpshooter’s Society disbanded in 1940, when the Creve Coeur Lake property was sold.