German Cultural Society

Contact:  Monika Lorenz 314-771-8368

The German Cultural Society of St. Louis had its origin in the St. Louis Chapter of the American Aid Society, which was founded in 1945 to help German refugees from Eastern Europe who fled to Germany and Austria. When immigration to the United States became a possibility, many of these refugees who came to St. Louis joined the Society, as did other immigrants from Germany and Austria. The Deutsche Kulturverein can trace its roots back to 1945, when it was first organized as the American Aid Society of St. Louis.  Today, the Kulturverein is made up of many groups that promote and preserve the German culture, customs and German language through music, songs, crafts and dances in original costumes.  These groups include a German Kindergarten, a Ladies Choir, various folk dance groups, and the Deutschmeister Blaskapelle, an authentic German Brass Band.

The German Cultural Society maintains two beautiful locations

German Cultural Society Hall

German Cultural Society Donau Park